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Submitted by Steve Fewell


Check that the statement terminates correctly with a ':', '<cr>' [carriage-return] or 'ELSE' character, issue 'Syntax error'
if it does not.

Call routine &BBAC to initialise HIMEM and LOMEM values, and to reset the Floating-Point addresses in page
&07, and zero any non-resident variables (that is all vaiables, except, @%, A% through to Z%) by clearing page &04
locations &0480 to &04FF.

Lastly, jump to &9005 to start processing the next program statement.

Disassembly for the CLEAR routine

963E   032 166 155 20 A6 9B JSR &9BA6 Check end of Statement
9641   032 172 187 20 AC BB JSR &BBAC Initialise Page 7 & reset Variable pointers, etc...
9644   128 245 80 F5 BRA -11 --> &963B [JMP &9005] Process the next program statement


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