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96DA Get & Check Float Value

Submitted by Steve Fewell


This routine gets the result of the expression (in the SWA) and checks the result; or if called at &96DD, it just checks the latest result.
If the returned type is String (0), then Type Mismatch error.
If the returned type is Float (&FF), then ok, so return.
If the returned type is Integer (&40), then perform Integer to Floating-Point conversion (&8185).

Disassembly for the Get & check Float Value routine

96D7 L 076 146 144 4C 92 90 JMP &9092 Type mismatch error
96DA 6 032 054 173 20 36 AD JSR &AD36 Get result of expression
96DD   240 248 F0 F8 BEQ -8 --> &96D7
96DF 0 048 245 30 F5 BMI -11 --> &96D6 [RTS]
96E1 L 076 133 129 4C 85 81 JMP &8185 Integer to Float


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