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98D1 '?' and '!' address peek/poke operators

Submitted by Steve Fewell

Name: '?' and '!' address peek/poke operators
Starting Address: &98D1 for '!', or &98D3 (with A=0) for '?'
Entry criteria: PTR B points to next character in command line.
Exit: The IWA contains the address (&2A, &2B).
&2C contains 4 (if '!') or 0 (if '?') to indicate the variable return type at the address.
Carry is clear.


Push the Variable type (either 0 (for '?') or 4 (for '!')) to the Stack.
Increment the Text pointer B offset, to point to the next character of the command.
Get the integer value after the '?' or '!' operator and place the value in the IWA.
Note: As '!' and '?' are 'peek/poke' operators, the expression handler is not used, as the address
value for the 'peek/poke' operation has the highest precedence.
Pop the variable type from the Stack and set &2C to the variable type (0 for '?' or 4 for '!').
Clear the carry flag and exit with A = #&FF and the IWA containing the address.

Disassembly for the '!' and '?' address peek/poke operators routine

98D1   169 004 A9 04 LDA#&04
98D3 H 072 48 PHA
98D4   230 027 E6 1B INC &1B
98D6   032 180 150 20 B4 96 JSR &96B4 Get Integer value at PTR B
98D9 L 076 206 153 4C CE 99 JMP &99CE Set &2C and A=#&FF & exit with carry clear (numerical)


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