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A68A Floating-Point Subtract Entry Point

Submitted by Steve Fewell

Name: Floating-Point Subtraction
Starting Address: &A68A
Entry criteria: &4A and &4B (the argp) point to a 5-byte Floating-Point variable to
subtract from the FWA. The FWA contains the number to subtract from.
Exit: The FWA = [argp] - FWA.


Calls &ACCA to compliment the FWA. Now the FWB and [argp] values can be added,
so, continue to the Floating-Point addition entry point at address &A68D.

Disassembly for the Floating-Point Subtract Entry Point routine

A68A   032 202 172 20 CA AC JSR &ACCA Compliment FWA
A68D   ... Floating-Point Addition Entry Point


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