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Submitted by Steve Fewell


If the next character after the TIME keyword is a dollar sign '$' character then jump to the =TIME$ routine.

Set Y to #&00 and X to #&2A, so that &002A is the first byte of the parameter block for the OSWORD call).
Execute the OSWORD &01 command to obtain the TIME value and place it in the parameter block (the IWA).
Exit with A = #&40 (as the current value is an Integer and is located in the IWA).

Disassembly for the =TIME routine

AE44   200 C8 INY
AE45   177 025 B1 19 LDA (&19),Y
AE47 $ 201 036 C9 24 CMP#&24
AE49   240 012 F0 0C BEQ 12 --> &AE57 TIME$
AE4B * 162 042 A2 2A LDX#&2A
AE4D   160 000 A0 00 LDY#&00
AE4F   169 001 A9 01 LDA#&01
AE51   032 241 255 20 F1 FF JSR &FFF1   OSWORD
AE54 @ 169 064 A9 40 LDA#&40
AE56 ` 096 60 RTS


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