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Submitted by Steve Fewell


Call &BBAC to Initialise Page &7 and to clear variables, etc...
Set LISTO flag to #&80 (so that the top bit is set (indicating that we are in EDIT mode).
Before the EDITOR application can be caled, the program needs to be detokenised into ASCII-text and stored to memory
This is done by calling the LIST routine with the LISTO flag set to #&80 (meaning that all output will be stored to
memory instead of being displayed on the screen). All but the top bit of the LISTO flag is set to 0 to specify that no
special LISTO spacing formats are to be applied to the program listing.
So, lastly, call the LIST routine to handle the listing of the program and storing to memory.

Disassembly for the EDIT routine

B389 EDIT 12,2 069 068 073 084 032 049 050 044 050 013 45 44 49 54 20 31 32 2C 32 0D EQUS "EDIT 12,2" + '<cr>'
B393   032 172 187 20 AC BB JSR &BBAC Initialise Page 7 & reset Variable pointers, etc...
B396   169 128 A9 80 LDA#&80
B398   133 031 85 1F STA &1F
B39A ...LIST...


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