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The Barnsley 9th and 20th Rover Crews

My Grandfather, Sidney Charles Richardson was a keen scouting person and was the skipper of these two crews from 1929 until around 1941 when he left after being conscripted.

Many years ago, he gave me the logs for these two crews for the period that he was in charge. I have scanned them and present them here for folks to examine.

I think that they are worth a look at because they give an insight into scouting in the 30's and early 40s. They give a bit of a view into the second world war too. One of the pages (Book one page 79) contains a certificate earned by my Grandfather and signed by none other than Lord Baden Powell of Gilwell himself.

One of the interesting things about these logs are the illustrations by Harry Mathews that fill the pages. They are first class and well worth looking at. I think he was a cartoonist at the Barnsley Chronicle.

There are 3 ways of viewing these logs:

  • Download them now, here as Adobe Acrobat (PDF) files.The Adobe Acrobat files require version five and above. There are two sets of files downloadable here. Low quality and medium quality versions.
  • Download the original huge files after contacting me for a password. The files come as high quality Adobe Acrobat PDF files, 2gb and 600mb, and/or as separate high quality JPEGs. Due to the bandwidth these require, the download is passworded, just ask me for it.
  • Page of thumbs. Follow the link below to a page of thumbnails. Click on the thumbnail to see the large readable image.

  • This page is best viewed on a PC. The tables of thumbs will scroll left and right if they are larger than the screen.

    9th Barnsley Rover Crew 1 March 1929 until June 1937

    PDF zipped download 40mb
    PDF zipped download 325mb
    Page of thumbs
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    20th Barnsley (central) rover crew Aug 5th 1938 to February 1941

    PDF zipped download 12mb
    PDF zipped download 87mb
    Page of thumbs
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    Various programmes of activities

    A clip from the Barnsley Evening Chronicle mentioning the log. These are pasted in to the back of the first log
    PDF zipped download
    Page of thumbs
    PDF View in browser

    If you know anything at all about the Barnsley Rovers or if you recognise or know anyone that had anything to do with them, please contact me via the 'Contact 8BS' link on the main page of the 8BS website or the email address shown on the main page of the website found from the 'About Me' link.

    There is a poignant reminder of these times in the second log (page 78) where my grandad pasted a letter he received from a Rover (Signalman Henry Charles Lee Youel) sent from the HMS Picotee. Official site. A corvette that was torpedoed with no survivors.

    The photograph of the plaque below is self explanatory really. Click it to download a zip of the original full sized photograph.

    These log scans are for personal use only. They are not to be passed on for profit.

    The downloadable scans of log books and other items here are © C.J.Richardson 25/03/2004