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8-Bit Software

The BBC and Master Computer Public Domain Library

8 Bit Acorn Webring

In June 2017, the script running the ring was removed (all perl stuff was removed from the server).

This page lists and links to the sites that were in the webring.

8-Bit Software
This website. A huge collection of Public Domain software and many gigabytes of other downloads
Webmaster: Chris Richardson
Contact: Here

BBC Connect
The BBC Connect project is a freeware BBC and Electron emulator front-end for Windows available at ninsei.emuunlim.com. BBC Connect supports:
* BeebEm and PcBBC - the BBC Micro emulators
* ElectrEm - the Electron emulator
Webmaster: Brian Jones

BBC Disc Explorer
Homepage of my ADFS and DFS Disc Image Explorer software for Windows. Plus other utilities for transferring software between BBC/Master computers and a PC. The site also contains a downloadable archive of all my old disc and tape images.
Webmaster: Jon Welch

BeebInC BBC emulator
Website of my BBC emulator - emulator been around since 1995 :)
Webmaster: David Devenport

A site devoted to the BBC Micro in all its forms, with lots of help and information about Acorn Econet, the Domesday Project and Teletext. Celebrating 10 years online in 2013!
Webmaster: Ian Wolstenholme

B-EM Homepage
Homepage of B-EM - a freeware BBC Micro Emulator for DOS.
Webmaster: Tom Walker

Various 8 bit computers..mostly Acorn
Webmaster: Derek Walker

Classic Acorn
A site devoted to the restoration of Acorn computers, and Acorn related hardware. Showing proceedures for stripdown, cleaning, upgrades and repair of 8 and 32bit Hardware.
Webmaster: Richard Hall

The homepage of ElectrEm, an emulator of the Acorn Electron targetting DOS, Windows, UNIX and more to come - featuring emulation of several popular Electron upgrades
Webmaster: Thomas Harte

elkjs - javascript acorn electron emulator
javascript based online acorn electron emulator
Webmaster: darren coles

Michelle's BBC Micro Pages
A resource put together for the beginner coming to the BBC B microcomputer.
Webmaster: Michelle Knight

Model-b -- BBC emulator for Windows
Home page for model-b, a BBC B/B+ emulator for Windows.
Webmaster: Tom Seddon

My acorn Collection
My collection.
Webmaster: Domenico Brewer Martini

My games for the BBC microcomputer resurrected
A collection of games I wrote for the BBC, some of which were published as articles in 'Your Computer' magazine in 1982 to 1984.
Webmaster: David Griffin

It's a site covering all my Retro-kit which is predominantly Acorn kit and mainly 8-bit.
Webmaster: Paul Vernon

The Acorn Electron lives!
This website is totally dedicated to the Acorn Electron. On the site you find plenty Acorn Electron information. i.e. Hardware specs, overview of expansion capabilities, software, electron user cover-art, links to other Electron pages etc..
Webmaster: Bas Verhoeven

The BBC Lives. The definitive resource for Acorn 8-bit micros, including software, documentation and emulators. The main focus is the BBC micro series, but Electron fans will find much to their interest.
Webmaster: Robert Schmidt

The Micro User magazine
The unofficial The Micro User magazine web site.
Webmaster: Matt Cocker