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8-Bit Software

The BBC and Master Computer Public Domain Library

Acorn Computers Overview

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Acorn 8 Bit Machines  AtomBBC B+BBCElectronMaster 128Master Compact

Keyboard Repairs

A page about keyboard repairs

Keyboards, Keyswitches and Keytops

Click on the Thumbnails

Atom Keyboard

The Atom keyboard
Side View
Keytop and keyswitch


Electron Keyboard
Electron Keyboard edge
Electron Keyswitch and keytop. These are the same as the Master 128 except the colour of the keytop is different

BBC B and B+

Type 1, 2, 3 and 4 together
Type 1 http://deskthority.net/wiki/Futaba_simplified_linear
Type 2 http://deskthority.net/wiki/SMK_vintage_linear
Type 3 http://deskthority.net/wiki/BBC_Micro_Type_3
Type 4 http://deskthority.net/wiki/SMK_vintage_linear
Detail of type 1
Detail of type 2
Detail of type 3
Detail of type 4
This is the most common BBC keyswitch and keytop that I have found. I call it type 1. I had tons of these as spares. (Futaba)
This is another, not so good BBC keyswitch, they seem more prone to failure, I call these type 2. (Cheap SMK)

This is the type 3 keyswitch (PED). Thanks to Daniel Beardsmore for the information about this switch that you can find here http://telcontar.net/KBK/PED.php
Type 4 keyswitch (SMK). Thanks to Daniel Beardsmore for rooting out make information for these keyswitches. The link leads to his pages about keyboards and switches This is the specific page

Type 3 keyboard

Master 128

Master 128 Keyboard
Master 128 Keyboard. The new 'Cherry' type
The membrane for a cherry keyboard
This is the original Master 128 Keyswitch and keytop. In fact the keytop is the same as the BBC type 1 keytop

Here is the new Master keyboard. The keys are clipped to the board into a plastic layer containing the tracks. I have seen similar style keyswitches for the BBC:
A comparison between the original and new Master keytops

Master Compact

Keyboard in pieces, top view
Keyboard in pieces, view of underside
Master Compact Keyswitch and top

Function Key Strip Covers

Top strip is the BBC B up to and including issue 4. It has a picture of an owl and the words BBC MICROCOMPUTER on it. The BBC B after issue 4 and 1983 had the function key strip with a picture of an owl and the words BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION MICROCOMPUTER SYSTEM. The reason for this was that the trademark BBC was already taken in America. Click on the thumbnail.

The lower strip is a BBC B+ function key strip.

The Master 128 function key strip is plain.Click on the thumbnail:

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